Tips for Working on an Island as a Lawyer


Leaving your job as a lawyer in a big city to an island can be a difficult, but exciting event in your life. There are many reasons to do so and I highly suggest doing it if you are interested. Some of you may be going there because you want an adventure or you just want to leave your old life behind. This blog is going to be geared to helping Island law offices and I will be outlining for you the needs of an island lawyer and the culture.

Setting Up Your Law Office

When you are setting up your law office on an island, be sure to do so on the main island. This will allow you to have plenty of traffic to your office. Island countries typically have one main island that everyone goes to for important errands and your office being at the hub of the marketplace so to speak will help you meet the locals who will be needing your services.

Hire a Local for a Secretary

If you can afford to, hire a local for a secretary. He or she will be able to help you with your daily tasks such as answering phone calls and booking your appointments. Most importantly, your newly hired secretary can help you with guiding you in your new island. Your secretary will be able to give you the ins and outs of the laws on the island.

He or she can also give you the cultural norms of the islands. Your new secretary can also help you meet new people. Some islands may have tribal leaders that are of importance. Meeting the tribal leaders can help you learn about what is going on in the community and perhaps you can help.

Bring Your Scuba Gear

You are on an island. It is a relaxed place. Everybody has fun. You need to go to the beach and enjoy the water.

Make sure to bring your scuba gear so you can scuba dive. Scuba diving will help you relax and enjoy the island you are living on. You will also meet other people from the scuba diving community who may need your law services. Scuba diving communities on an island are typically close-knit and it is important for you to form bonds with the scuba diving Islanders as well as the tourist and expat scuba divers.

Settling down on an island to practice law is an excellent idea. Setting up your office on the main island, hiring a local for a secretary, and enjoying the island by scuba diving are the best ways for you to start your life as a lawyer on an island. Make sure to learn the local culture and laws and you will have no problem navigating your new journey.